Yaroslav Astapeev

interstellar overdrive

interstellar overdrive


I am a commercial artist, please respect me

I am an artist, please disrespect me

I am a cartoonist, please

The mirror has been shattered. But what do the splinters reflect?


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This is a big day… A HUGE day for Steve Orlando, me and Thomas Mauer. UNDERTOW TPB vol. 1 - BOATMAN’S CALL comes out from Image Comics!
Six issues of goodness PLUS almost entire another issue of BONUS STORIES from our good friends and colleagues - Yaroslav Astapeev, Blair Butler and T.J. Kirsch, Leila del Duca, Tony Gregori and Mike Spicer, and, finally, Tyler Niccum - all those fine people have a piece of our book! So, GO BUY! IT! Or steal! Or whatever! Just enjoy almost three years of our work, and we’ll make everything possible to continue the story in Vol.2!

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Early one morning

Early one morning